Have you been struggling with making sense out of your IT and cloud bills?

With numerous providers and services which makes up the services portfolio of any organization, keeping track of IT and cloud costs can be a challenge. Optimizing your IT spend is another aspect altogether! 
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Total cost and usage visibility:   Simply connect your cloud accounts with our engine, Cyclops analytics will aggregate costs from multiple sources and provide full visibility on your cloud spends. Our plugins can help integrate your in-house IT systems also into Cyclops Analytics.  

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Cost optimization recommendation:   Cyclops analytics can quickly analyze the most up-to-date market pricing to suggest how your current cloud and IT services deployment can be optimized for price.  

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Sub-optimal resource use identification: W e assess your IT systems and public / private cloud resource use patterns to identify non-optimal usage patterns across entire resource portfolio. You get a full picture of your resources, their workload patterns, and the cost you are paying.  

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Rich analytics reports:  you get on-demand access to up-to-date financial analytics any time via our rich dashboard – visualizing your global spends across all major cloud providers, in house IT systems, intuitively categorized along your unique business units, configured exactly along the line of your organization’s unique structure. 

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Power of forecasts:   get on-demand access to usage consumption and cost forecasts for the upcoming quarters. Let our proven forecasting engine bring predictability to overall cost outlays to help you manage your business robustly.

Supported cloud providers & popular platform integration

Cyclops analytics comes with built in support for a wide range of popular cloud providers. Using the service is as easy as configuring the access credentials for the supported providers, and then see our engine automatically fetch and categorize cloud resources usage and costs indices under various categories. If you have an in-house IT system which you want integrated in our solution, we are more than happy to perform custom IT system integrations.

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Our solution can easily be extended to add new providers. Highlights include:

  • Full featured REST APIs
  • Enterprise grade security, thanks to our integration with industry leading solutions
  • Export reports in multiple formats: cvs, xml, txt, pdf.
  • Alerting mechanism – preset level driven cost alerts!

Independent cost audits 

Cyclops Analytics can be used as an independent audit tool. Are you concerned that your bills from IT vendors and cloud providers are inaccurate? You can use Cyclops Analytics as an independent verification tool that correlates the advertised pricing plans and your resource usage data together.