We are experts in cloud technologies. With more than 2 decades of experience in this area, we have seen the cloud services ecosystem balloon from a few major operators to several major and minor players at regional as well as global scale. Tap into our expertise if you are looking to embark on a cloud journey.

Technology stacks expertise

Confused about public, private or hybrid cloud strategy for your business? We know in depth about popular cloud options and setup strategies and operations best practices. Our expertise include:

  • Amazon AWS and all associated services from AWS ecosystems
  • Google Compute Engine including Kubernetes cluster management and optimization strategies
  • Private cloud stacks: OpenStack, OpenShift, and CloudFoundry

Dev-ops & agile methodologies

Being an ardent follower of agile methodology in our own internal software development activities, we have amassed a fair amount of experience with CI/CD tools, Git workflows, various deployment models such as blue-green approach to name some. Our expertise include:

  • Gitlab and Github best practices
  • CI/CD automation with commit hooks, Gitlab runners
  • Agile development with PaaS stack including Swisscom Cloudfoundry stack as well as Heroku stack


We have been working with container technologies such as Docker, Rocket, lxd for several years now. Leverage our know how in containerizing your solutions stacks, and let us help develop a robust container management workflow for your organization. Get in touch with us for a detailed solutions strategy if you are thinking about using any of the following technologies and concepts –

  • Docker and associated stacks including docker-compose, swarm
  • Container management frameworks such as Kubernetes and Rancher
  • lxd and rkt engines
  • Image build process optimization

We are technology enthusiasts, we assist businesses in managing their cloud journey – from concept phase, to implementation, delivery and subsequent operations and service maintenance.