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Piyush Harsh

Founder, CEO

Dr. Piyush Harsh has been at the core of Cyclops development since the very first days. An IIT and University of Florida alumnus, he brings with him cutting edge technology experience of more that 18 years. He was associated with world renowned R&D centers such as SHANDS@UF and INRIA in the past.

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Seán Murphy

Co-founder, CTO

Dr. Sean Murphy brings a combination of deep understanding of disparate enterprise focused cloud technologies as well as experience of startups emanating from the academic environment to the Cyclops Team.

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Thomas Micheal Bohnert

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Thomas Michael Bohnert is a Professor in Zurich University of Applied Sciences with interests how cloud technologies are evolving, how to make them more efficient and easier to work with.