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Piyush Harsh

Piyush, a PhD in Computer Science, has been at the core of Cyclops development since the very first days. He contributes to Cyclops Labs with nearly 20 years of IT experience in various roles. As COO he’s using his vast experience to keep Cyclops save and afloat.  

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Diego Martin
Sr. Software Engineer

Diego is a senior software engineer and has in depth expertise in several cloud services APIs and CI/CD workflows. His main task is to ensure Cyclops and our new Analytics solutions are state of the art!  

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Frida Mattsson

Frida is Bachelor's in Computer Science student from KTH, Sweden. She is in her final year of studies and is developing the web dashboard for Cyclops. 

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Amrita Prasad
Business Development manager

With a background in International Business and having years of experience in technology community management, Amrita's core strength is in connecting people.