Cloud Financial Intelligence

Track and optimize your cloud costs

Get total visibility across cloud providers, whether you use AWS, Azure, or Google Compute Engine, with our tools you will be on top of your cloud expenses. See if you are using the services optimally, gain from our expertise in cloud economics, get automatic recommendations from our tools and team of highly trained experts!

Cyclops Labs

Let us help you track and optimize your cloud costs!

And we do custom billing systems too!

Built on top of our ground breaking rating-charging-billing framework Cyclops, we offer a fully tailor made solution for your accounting, billing, and invoicing needs.

With built in flexibility to support true consumption based data points, life cycle status based tracking, to automated invoicing by email or paper, we have got you covered!

List of Features

Enterprise ready to the core


Rules driven pricing and billing strategy means you are always ready for any curve-ball your competition can throw

Ease of integration

RESTful APIs makes integrating Cyclops with your existing business softwares straightforward.

Fault tolerant and reliable

We take great care in ensuring all data is securely managed and guarantee 99.999% loss free operations.

Ever growing list of supported platforms

Due to our design principles, it is easy to support any system easily. Our expanding list includes OpenStack, CloudStack, Hadoop, Kubernetes ...

IaaS Clouds

OpenStack, CloudStack

PaaS and Container Management Platforms

OpenShift, Kubernetes, and Docker

Legacy IT solutions

Talk to us on how to integrate your legacy systems with Cyclops flexible billing engine.

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Cloud Services Billing

Managing cloud services are not easy! Managing billing flexibly is even harder. Cyclops supports true usage based billing and in real time too. Cloud native design and ready for IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS solutions.

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HPC and MaaS Billing

Whether you have compute optimized GPU clusters or standard off the shelf equipment, we can help you measure resource consumption accurately and create appropriate pricing and billing models for your needs.

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IoT / Edge / Fog Billing

Cyclops framework has been tested with millions of data points and variety of data formats. No matter whether you want to bill the use of your sensors or connected smart device data exchanges, we can help.

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