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Are you looking for a truly at-scale, cloud-native full featured accounting and billing stack to monetize your HPC / Cloud resources?

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Supported software stacks

Cyclops engine comes with 1st class support for these common datacenter solutions.

OpenStack Cloud

Double click an icon to replace it with one of your choice.


Duplicate blocks and columns to add more features.

HEAppE / Slurm HPC schedulers

Select and delete blocks to remove features.

Ready to use features

Cyclops offers great features to quickly setup custom pricing models, rates and plans to maximize the revenue stream.

Custom SKUs, unit pricing and plans

Turn every feature into a benefit for your reader.

Prepaid credit management

You can edit colors and backgrounds to highlight features.

Customizable billing cycles

All these icons are completely free for commercial use.

Setup advanced HPC billing in 4 easy steps

Create SKUs, pricing, plans

You can also specify discounts at each element of a tariff plan

Populate customers

Simply add customers, and products in Cyclops customer registry, also set the billing periodicity of each customer

Associate plans

Link your customers to one of the plans in the system

Activate collectors

Activate the necessary data collectors, or build and deploy your own collectors, once started - sit back and relax!

Simplified pricing

Simple annual licensing

Simple licensing terms - regardless of the size of your HPC center

Customization support

No matter your use case, we are happy to adapt

Transparent support

We offer a simple maintenance and support plans

Future ready

All of our support plans include all future upgrades and patches


We are a strong believer in the power of the community. Cyclops Labs GmbH is strongly committed to enabling monetization of HPC and Cloud operators globally.

The core of Cyclops billing engine for HPC centers will always remain open source. Use the button below to head to the code base.

Cyclops community repos

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